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QA - Food Safety Manager

Newburyport, Massachusetts
Purpose: This position is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of various food safety,and  quality programs and systems designed to assure product wholesomeness and consistency. Stays abreast of development in the quality and food safety fields, upgrading Dianne’s Fine Desserts- Newburyport programs as necessary and appropriate.
Essential functions:
  • Interact with external stakeholders concerning product issues and needs. Work with internal and external Food Safety and Quality stakeholders during the stage-gate/product development process.
  • Interact with other managerial disciplines including Production, Sanitation, Warehouse, Procurement, Maintenance, Finance, and Sales to address issues affecting the quality of ingredients and packaging supplies, in-process components and finished goods; the cleanliness of equipment and plant environment, and other environmental issues.
  • Manage  the day-to-day activities of the Quality department
  • Act as the liaison with international, federal, state, and local regulatory agencies to handle legal and other issues.
  • Work with external stakeholders coordinating and conducting inspections and audits and addressing concerns and corrective actions.
  • Accountable for implementation and maintenance of the risk controls for the Dianne’s Fine Desserts Quality and Food Safety System
  • Oversee continuous improvement in the Quality and Food Service Programs and the departmental personnel
  • Maintain GFSI certification for DFD and manufacturing facilities
  • Develop, and implement the internal food safety programs including HACCP, Allergen, GMP’s, Cleaning and Sanitation procedures, regulatory compliance, vendor approval, etc.
  • Manage Consumer Complaint Programs along with Customer Service. Initiate plant level investigations into the cause and rectify with the management team
  • Prepare and present the quarterly management review
  • Administer, execute and maintain the LEM and SEM environmental programs
  • Manage Pre-Requisite Programs (PRP’s), Operational Pre-Requisite Programs (OPRP’s), and Critical Control Points (CCP’s) and all documents associated with these programs.
  • Oversee internal inspections and audit programs for the Newburyport facility as part of a continuous improvement program designed to assure product safety and consistency, and to disclose areas needing improvement before an external/customer audit/inspection is conducted.  Follow up with the department managers to ensure documented corrective actions are taken.
  • Coordinate and evaluate outside audits with regulatory agencies, and customers. Escort auditors through the facility. With the assistance and cooperation of other department managers, develop and implement corrective actions for external inspections. Provide all documentation necessary to respond to inspections.
  • Coordinate lot tracking exercises and actual product withdrawals.  Verify that the Newburyport facility is able to track the ingredients to the finished product level and 100% of the finished products to the first level of distribution. Working with the Distribution and Production Managers, evaluate and develop corrective actions from the lot tracking exercises to ensure that accurate information is obtained in a timely manner from the appropriate department managers
  • Maintain product specifications and standards and MRP requirements, and participate in new product roll-out with R&D and production departments
  • Educate managers, supervisors and employees regarding internal quality and sanitation programs, helping to ensure Newburyport facility has a well-educated and trained workforce
  • Provide technical guidance to managers, supervisors and employees
  • Oversee the Newburyport HOLD program to prevent substandard materials or product from reaching the consumer
  • Coordinate with procurement the Minimum Requirement for Newburyport Vendors to maintain incoming component consistency
  • Develop and maintain the annual and period facility Quality Department budgets, monitor spending levels to ensure compliance to budgetary requirements, and keep management appraised of variances from budgetary guidelines
  • Interact with various departments including Production, Warehouse, Maintenance, R&D, HR, Finance, Sales, and Retail
  • Manage and carry out the day-to-day functions in the DFD Microbiology lab, including preventive maintenance contracts, (if applicable).
 Experience and Educational Requirements:
  • B.S. degree in Food Safety, or other related field of study
  • Managerial experience for the training and development of department and facility staff
  • Thorough knowledge of GMP’s the CFR, and Food Code requirements for processing, labeling, and shipping food products
  • Knowledge of baking science and technology, statistical manufacturing process control, and sensory evaluation of finished products
  • Practical experience in trouble-shooting and working in a team atmosphere
  • Knowledge of microbiological testing and raw material inspections
  • Five (5) years or more in a food processing environment, preferably the baking industry
We are an Equal Opportunity Employer

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